Lisa Ann Vstroker Video – Fuck Lisa Ann With Your Fleshlight

Lisa Ann have starred in a couple of Virtual Sex POV Porn videos and DVDs but this is the first time you actually get the chance to interact with her and fuck her with your Vstroker Fleshlight. If you are a owner of the Lisa Ann Barracuda, Swallow or Forbidden Fleshlight you are going to love using them together with the Lisa Ann Vstroker Video.

Lisa Ann Vstroker Video Review

Lisa Ann Vstroker – Striptease POV
lisa ann pov striptease lingerie

Lisa Ann Vstroker – Blowjob POV

lisa ann vstroker video pov blowjob

Lisa Ann Vstroker – Pussy POV

Lisa Ann Vstroker – Cumshot POV

lisa ann vstroker pov cumshot sperm video

That’s just a couple of examples of what you get when you buy and download the Lisa Ann Vstroker video. There are also a bunch of mini scenes that trigger when you stop stroking your Vstroker Fleshlight. Lisa begs you to let her suck your cock or to keep fucking her wet pussy. There is also a cumshot scene that you can trigger by pressing the climax button when you are ready to spray your cum over Lisa Ann’s face.

I wish there was more close up scenes of Lisa Ann’s face or a way to simply zoom in on the action. Other then that this video is great. The video playback speed adjusts pretty smoothly when you change the speed of the jerking motion you make with your Vstroker Fleshlight. What I really like about the improved Vstroker video player is that when you go really fast back and forth the video keeps up with you. If you ever wanted to fuck Lisa Ann but only have $10 dollars to spend you can’t miss out on this.

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The video costs $9.95 and works on PC and MAC.

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