Vstroker Review – First Time User

I have had the VSTROKER for over a week now and have been testing it out with every video on the site. This thing really delivers on it’s promise!

If you don’t feel like reading the entire Vstroker Review below let me just say that it is an amazing device. Never before have you been able to interact and control the porn you watch. Combining that live interaction with the realistic cyber skin of the Fleshlight sex toy and you are basically having real sex, at least that’s what your brain is telling you.

Buy the Vstroker attachment from Vstroker.com , get a 7-day Free Trail which gives you download access to all the videos on the site. It will blow your mind!

How To Use VSTROKER With Fleshlight

vstroker review misty stone fleshlight

Screw on the Vstroker attachment onto the bottom on your Fleshlight case. Insert the USB dongle into your PC or MAC. Turn on the Vstroker by pushing down the bottom on the unit. Open up the video that you want to watch and start fucking. It’s very easy to use.

Vstroker In Action Demonstration

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Controlling Porn With Your Fleshlight & Vstroker

As you stroke your Fleshlight up and down the Vstroker attachment talks to your computer via the USB dongle and that is who the video speed is regulated. The new Vstroker video player lets you go really slow or really fast. It is really amazing how much more fun it is to use your Fleshlight with the Vstroker attached. Regular non-interactive porn becomes boring to watch after you have used the Vstroker for a while.

Vstroker Interactive Sex Videos

There are about 8 videos that you can download from the site right now but more content is being added. The latest interactive POV videos produced by Hustler feature two Fleshlight Girls that I’m sure you’ve heard about before, Misty Stone and Asa Akira.

Screenshot from Presley Heart Vstroker Video

Click on the tabs below to get see the positions can fuck Victoria Ray in.

Stripe Tease
POV Handjob / Blowjob
More POV Dick Sucking
Cowgirl POV
Reverse Cowgirl POV
Missionary POV
Doggy POV
Doggy POV 2nd Angle
Missionary POV Into Climax
Cumshot POV

More VSTROKER Videos & Games

There are 8 full interactive Vstroker videos that you can download right now off the site and more on it’s way (expect at least 1 new video/week). Here are some examples of what type of videos you can expect to see (Sign up for Free 7 Day Trial to Download them all).

Stevie Shae Vstroker Fleshlight Video

Victoria Ray Vstroker Video

Presley Hart Vstroker Porn

Nicole Aniston Vstroker Pov Video

You can also use the Vstroker to play and control sex games such as 3D Sex Villa 2, 3D Gay Villa 2 & Bonecraft. Soon you will also be able to interact with live cam girls and control the fucking machine hooked up to them on the other side of the screen. It will be possibly to fuck a girl on the other side of the world with your Fleshlight Vstroker combo. How cool is that!

The Vstroker is compatible with all standard size Fleshlight Cases

I have tried it on a bunch of different Fleshlights such as the Asa Akira Dragon, the Misty Stone Swallow, Stoya Destroya and Stamina Training Unit. The Vstroker can be used with every standard size Fleshlight but not with the Flight, Sword, Blade & Sex In A Can series due to the smaller case design, the Vstroker attachment doesn’t screw on properly on those.

However, you can put those Fleshlight sleeves inside a regular case and they will work just fine.

Cleaning The Vstroker

The Vstroker is not waterproof so you have to remove it from the Fleshlight before you clean it. Usually you just have to unscrew it and wipe it off with a paper towel but if it is really messy you need to separate the battery compartment from the plastic screw-on attachment before you clean it because it is not waterproof.

Vstroker Review – Summary

If you own a Fleshlight and like to watch porn (POV, Jerkoff Instructions etc) the Vstroker is a must buy. The interactivity combined with good sound, high definition video quality and the realistic feel of the Fleshlight will fool your brain into thinking that you are actually having real sex. You just don’t watch these porn stars get fucked, it is you fucking them.

You can buy the Vstroker online from Vstroker.com or Fleshlight.com

Try the Vstroker Today!

You can ask me any questions about the Vstroker in the comment section below.


  1. FleshlightUT-Guy

    Hey there,
    i read you article about Vstroker.

    Thanks for your blog entry for Vstroker.

    I wanna now buy the Vstroker here i Germany.
    Can you make a video, where you can see the fleshlight and the interactive Sex on the Laptop screen.
    I can’t believe that it can be soo interactive.

    Thanks a lot


    • I tried to record a video before but it didn’t turn out that great. I will try again and let you know when it is done.

      The magic behind the Vstroker is simple but it really works. You move the Fleshlight up and down on your dick and the video plays along at about the same speed. You can change the sensitivity of the Vstroker so it perfectly matches the speed your are jerking off in.

      The new Vstroker Video software can speed the videos up really fast so it has no problem keeping up with fast masturbation speeds. The new Misty Stone and Asa Akira Vstroker Videos are amazing!

      • FleshlightUT-Guy

        Hey admin,
        thanks for your answer.
        I hope your video is coming soon. Because i wanna know how it looks like in action. 😉
        So, i can decide what to do.
        You also can mail me: fleshlightut@hotmail.de

  2. hi there dear

    can we watch our regular porn videos interactively or does the software has any option to customize and convert the regular videos into interactive.

    • That would be amazing right? Currently you have to use the custom built Vstroker videos to make it interactive. Vstroker Videos: http://vstrokerreviews.com/vstroker-videos/

      I know that they are working on getting as many videos out there as possible so in the future there will be a large library of interactive sex videos that you can use your Fleshlight with.

  3. I’m wondering if the Vstroker would work at all when using a Fleshlight Mount or similar device were the Fleshlight is more or less stationary and the user is thrusting. Or if the remote would be shielded by the mount so it won’t communicate well with the dongle.

    • Hello, thank you for your question.

      The Vstroker does not work when the Fleshlight is mounted inside one of those sex furniture pieces or sex dolls. The Vstroker device tracks the movement of the Fleshlight and sends that signal to the computer so if the Fleshlight is stationary it won’t work.

      Being able to use the Vstroker with a Fleshlight mount is a common request so I think they are looking into developing a solution for that.
      A simple DIY solution would be to attach the Vstroker to your hip with duct tape or something. 🙂

  4. Does the V-Stroker software need to be installed onto the computer? Or is it a portable program that can be used instantly after you plug in the USB device?

    • Adobe Air needs to be installed but when that is done you just launch the video and it starts playing right away.

      From the Vstroker FAQ:

      Do I need to install any drivers?
      No, the USB dongle is plug and play and will install its own drivers on your computer when you plug it in. Your computer will recognize the Vstroker and inform you when the drivers have installed. This usually takes 15-20 seconds. You will need to make sure you have an updated version of Adobe AIR installed which you can download for free at get.adobe.com/air.

  5. Hey. Am I able to download all the videos with the 7 days trail and will I be able to watch them after that week? Without subscribition of course. 😉

    • Yes, you will be able to download and keep 95% of the videos. They all work on your computer without the subscription.

      There are a couple of videos that are premium like the Misty Stone vstroker clip that are not included.

      • Wrong!

        There are 2 free videos that will always work and if you buy a package you may get 1 more video. Any single purchase premium videos will also work forever. All the others that you download during the free trial will require a username and password and will connect to the Vstroker servers to verify your account is still current. If you cancel your membership you can no longer use these videos.


  6. Hi, will this work on Mac version 10.8.3? There were several items I’ve purchase online that is not compatible with this new Mac system. Also, will it work with the mouth or anal sleeve? Thank you!

    • Vstroker Review

      The Vstroker software works great on Mac. I have not tried it on 10.8.3 but it has worked on every other Mac version. If it wouldn’t work for some reason you send a email to vstroker support and they will sort it out for you.

      The Vstroker attachment works on every Fleshlight expect the “Flight”, “Blade”, “Sword” & “Sex In A Can” versions. It works great on the regular anal Fleshlight.

  7. What OS is the V stroke compatible with?

    • Vstroker Review

      The Vstroker works on Windows & Mac. You get the option to download the app for both operation systems when you buy a video.

  8. I don’t see any gay videos available. Do they have any–are they in the works?
    This stops me from getting one.
    Where’s the equality?

  9. None of their demos are of gay porn. You honestly mean to tell me that they have not a SINGLE demo that accommodates gay users? Don’t gay consumers comprise a big sector of their sales? What an absolute shame. I won’t support this company any longer.

    • I was also wondering about that. I don’t think they are aware of how many gay consumers there are that would love the Vstroker.

      If I were you I would shoot a email to support@vstroker.com and let them know exactly what you would like to see. I think they outsource the actual shooting of the videos but program them for the Vstroker device themselfs so if you know any good gay studios that shoot pov porn let them know that as well.

      Again, I think that you are spot on with your observation. It’s weird that there are no gay Vstroker porn videos.

  10. I’ve kind of strayed from the vstroker (after a few uses) and am using the FL by itself mostly. I applaud the technology but the max speed seems to be limited quite a bit where I can hear an increase in tempo of the female but the speed only increases moderately.

    I’d love more of a “warm up” with just dirty talk to get into the mood. The scenarios with the acting don’t really interest me. A POV face to face warmup would be amazing. And just more dirty talk in general…

    • I get what you mean. It would be really cool if the video speed up to those super high speeds and have the sound of say a blowjob get more extreme and super sloppy wet sounding.

      I also understand why you like the warm up so much. Dirty talk is really exciting. Talking definitely adds a lot to the realistic feel of the scene. I would like to see a couple of JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) videos made for the Vstroker.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback Jiminy Cricket.

  11. I know this opens up a lot of other issues but how many users of the FL are pulling out for the cumshot? An internal finish would really be the icing on the cake… So to speak. It’s can be simulated for all I care.

    • Agree 100%. Creampies are the best. There are dildos that you can fill up with a pint of fake cum and squirt into the pussy. I would like to see more creativity with the videos and Vstroker player.

  12. Pretty disappointed. Hard to find any negative reviews of this thing and I reckon it sucks pretty badly. So here’s a negative review to temper the positive one posted above.

    It doesn’t measure your stroke, just whether the thing has moved or not. For example if I make a single downward stroke, its fifty fifty whether she goes up or down with my stroke. And chances are she’ll continue to move for a bit after, even though I haven’t. If I swing the Fleshlight left and right without thrusting in or out, she bounces up and down like a mad thing. There’s no synergy between what I’m doing and the video. The only way to make this work is for me to try and time my stroke to what she is doing. And even if you can fiddle with the sensitivity controls and get it to the same speed you’re using, chances are she’s on her way up while you’re on your way down. If anything using these interactive videos is harder than just timing yourself with the action on a standard POV video from anywhere else.

    The Fleshlight already has the annoying tendency to whistle and fart out the air holes at the base, but with the Vstroker it clicks and rattles too. And why does it have to replace the end cap? from what i can tell you could have used some double sided tape or any other means of affixing the sensor to the Fleshlight or quite frankly any masturbator. I’ve tested this by taping the unit to my dogs tail and scratching her belly and the chick in the movie seems to be having a great time.

    SOME of the videos are pretty good. But mostly its a bunch of girls with a dildo that isn’t even a decent skin color (you know the color, its more yellow than any human flesh out there) and that only penetrates 1-2 inches. During the interactive part you never see their face. There’s always an intro bit where she puts it in or whatever, and a kinda begging bit where she wants you to continue or put it back in if you hold still for too long, but during the action its basically a closeup. I don’t know about you but I tend to look around a bit when I’m in the thick of things. Also when she does start the “put it back in” bit, firstly you needn’t have taken it out, just stopped. And secondly once you start again it simply jumps back to the in/out video with no preamble.

    I downloaded the free version of Thrixxx’s Sexvilla game long before I got my Vstroker. There are almost no options and MASSIVE black censorship objects over the genitalia unless you pay for it. I have not and will not pay for that on top of everything else. I didn’t even bother trying it with the Vstroker when it did arrive. I’ve been told it is a pretty good program when you’ve paid to unlock all the bits, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. It may work better than the videos, but considering the dog tail test I doubt it very much.

    Your free trial of the website begins the moment your payment clears. They don’t send you your login details, you will have to acquire those by checking your current subscriptions at CCbill. I was on day 12 of my 14 day trial before I discovered this. I sent an email to the Vstroker support on day 3 or 4 querying my lack of login details and I’m yet to receive a response. As i live in Australia my Vstroker took 27 days to reach me, so i was well out of the free trial by the time I could even use the thing.

    The Fleshlight is still one of the best, most realistic masturbators out there, so buy yourself a Fleshlight and a decent POV DVD. The Vstroker however is beyond underwhelming. As far as I’m concerned I just paid 60 bucks for a couple of AAA batteries.



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