Vstroker – Turn Your Fleshlight Into A Interactive Sex Machine

The idea behind VstrokerReviews.com is not only to be a site where people can go to read Vstroker User Reviews but also to find out about new Videos, Games & Webcam Girl sites compatible with the Vstroker Fleshlight Combo.

The Vstroker is a wireless usb device that you hook up to your Fleshlight and your computer. The Vstroker registers the movment of your cock going in and out of the Fleshlight and that translates to action in the video or game that you are playing. You will be watching a POV Porn Video and you control the speed of the sex.

I watched a video demonstration on how the Vstroker works when it’s attached to a Fleshlight and it looked like a lot of fun, way more fun then watching regular porn! I seriously think the Vstroker combined with the best sex toy ever, the Fleshlight will make lots of very men happy.

vstroker fleshlight pov sex game interactive sex toy

Being able to have live interactions & virtual sex with your favorite porn stars for less then $100 bucks have never been possible before.

Visit Fleshlight.com or Vstroker.com to see more.

I can’t wait to try out the Vstroker for the first time! I have been using Fleshlights for years so I was very excited when I saw that you could super charge it with the Vstroker and create a sex toy that allows you to have real cyber sex.

I will make sure to write a very thorough review and post it as soon as I get to play with the Vstroker and the Fleshlight Sex Toy.

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